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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Her Hurry-Up Husband ~Tanya Hanson

HER HURRY-UP HUSBAND by Tanya Hanson...

A beautiful socialite needs a husband fast—for just one month—but the handsome rancher wants a wife for life!

A quick peak at my latest release and the brand new anthology, Lassoing a Mail-Order Bride!
I hope you like Elspeth and Hezekiah’s love story!


Prim and proper socialite Elspeth Maroney flees from an indiscretion to the Wild West of Colorado as a mail order bride. She doesn’t plan to stay long, only a month. Rancher Hezekiah Steller needs a wife quick to get himself an heir, but despite his rush, nerves rattle. What will the stagecoach deliver to his doorstep?

Their worlds collide deliciously until Ellie must confess her mistakes. Will Hez still want her tomorrow?


For a quick second, Hezekiah considered jumping on the train and riding it to Utah. The iron bench he sat on was harder than any boulder, colder than a long night in a line shack. What had he done?
His heart thumped so hard it hurt and all but broke a rib when the woman departing the train came into eyeshot
A woman wrapped in a black cloak like a bat closing its wings. A woman with hair so white she could have been the snow queen in a fairy tale. And so old she could have mothered Methuselah.

Good Lord, had the telegraph operator in Omaha meant 91, not 21?

The conductor gently loaded her onto the platform, and Hez prayed for death.

“Great granny? Great granny?”

A herd of Hunsakers ran from behind their worn-out wagon, all nine of ’em grabbing the old lady close. Life returned to Hez’s bloodstream.

But his heart stopped again when he heard the conductor call out his name.

“Hezekiah Steller? This lady’s looking for you.”

It was happening for real. Hez, heart stopped, plodded forward like he was that old woman’s man. Until the conductor pulled another female outside and unwrapped the long linen duster passengers wore to keep away the coal dust.

Beneath the grimy coat stepped his bride. Like an angel bursting forth from a bank of clouds. Like a dream coming true. Her beauty astonished him; her tiny waist brought on sweet relief. And Hez realized his life would never be the same. Realized he just might never breath normal again.

“How do, ma’am.” He tried to speak but no sound came forth.


  1. Oh, I do want to know how they get to the end! Great excerpt. Next on the TBP list. Sigh! Doris

  2. Thanks, Doris! All the stories are fun, quick summer reads. Enjoy!☺️😍

  3. Tanya, sorry it took me so long to get here today. It's been one of those crazy days for me! Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed Her Hurry-Up Husband! Can't wait to see what happens to Ellie's sister!

  4. Hmmmm...I think Ellie's sis Judy will be getting snowbound somewhere....and not alone. Xo