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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Martha Ellen Lynn Bell

 Post (C) Doris McCraw

aka Angela Raines

Photo (C) Doris McCraw

This short post is on Martha Lynn Bell.  She was born in Indiana in 1839 to William and Elizabeth Lynn. By 1850 she and her six siblings were living in Keokuk County, Iowa. Her father was a minister.

She married James W. Bell in Keokuk County, Iowa, sometime between May 28 and May 30, 1859. The couple settled in Steady Run, Keokuk County, Iowa.

The couple remained in Keokuk County, Steady Run through 1870. By the 1880 census, the couple and their two daughters were living in Luka, Pratt County, Kansas. 

Possible photo of Martha
from Find A Grave

In 1883 the couple arrived in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado. During their marriage, other than when James was serving in the Iowa Infantry during the Civil War, she was raising their daughters. The census records always show her as a housewife. James was a carpenter.

Martha passed on March 2, 1892, at fifty-three of pneumonia. 

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  1. Great to see a picture of the lady in question. They can be so hard to find. So sad that she died so young.

    1. I felt I was lucky there was a photo. In that day, especially in the less wealthy, photos were rare and so many decendents just toss them. GRRR Doris

  2. Even short bits of information help preserve history.