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Thursday, August 18, 2022

New Release -- The Barlow Wives Box Set by Agnes Alexander

Snuggle up with a hard working rancher and enjoy these great full length, heartwarming stories of love and laughter under the wide blue, Wyoming sky!


Escape is her only choice…

Myra Felton’s grandfather has sold her to a banker to pay his debts. She plans her escape… A chance encounter with a marriage broker gives her the best plan, she agrees to travel to Wyoming, as far as she can get. 

He’s desperate for a cook…

Anson Barlow fears mutiny from his four younger brothers if he can’t come up with someone to cook a decent meal for them all once in a while. When he signs a contract for a housekeeper, he doesn’t realize that also means a wife.



When a friend asks for help…

Josephine Kirkpatrick needs a brand-new start…a challenge. Losing her husband—and then her business—were two hard blows. When her old friend, Myra Barlow, invites her to come West and be with her during the birth of her first baby, Josephine knows that’s just the change she needs. 

Redheads and bullets do mix…

Ryder Barlow needs a redheaded woman around like he needs another hole in his head. He’s had enough of every redhead alive to last him a lifetime! But when his sister-in-law invites her beautiful friend to come for an extended visit, he finds he’s not done with dealing with flame-haired women yet—especially after he’s wounded, and Josephine must care for him… 


Prostitution or ranching…

Beautiful Patrice Dickerson is all too happy to leave Philadelphia to claim half of a ranch in Wyoming—an unexpected windfall from an aunt. But the catch is, the other half has been left to a man that Patrice has never met. Patrice can think of nothing but the new start this gift means for her—to outrun the shame that has threatened her all her life. Her mother, a well-known prostitute, has been pressing Patrice to join her in “the business”. 

Half a ranch or more…

Gavin Barlow has suddenly found himself the owner of half of the Hopewell Ranch—a spread that adjoins the Barlow family land. When the new joint owner from back East arrives, Gavin plans to ask him to sell out. Surely, an Eastern dandy will be eager to sell… 



A new journey…

When Kendra Fullerton’s father declares he’s moving the family from Philadelphia to England, she and her sister, Francine, rebel. Kendra knows her father has carried on a long-time affair with her best friend’s mother—could she and her best friend, Patrice, actually be half-sisters? Kendra and Francine head to Wyoming for a visit with Patrice to search for the truth. But nearing her destination, a train wreck introduces her—in a most embarrassing way—to a handsome, but confirmed, bachelor.


Puzzing through a web of deceit…

Though Garrison Barlow tries to remain steadfastly uninvolved emotionally, he is determined to protect Kendra. A sordid and dangerous past poses a deadly threat to Kendra’s entire family, especially her father, who is being held prisoner. Can Garrison protect the woman he’s fallen for? 


Can young love endure…

When the Stinson ranch is attacked and Yolanda’s father is severely injured, Paxton Barlow steps in to help—and to protect the Stinson family and holdings.


Fighting to hold on to a legacy…

Paxton is shocked to realize that Yolanda is all grown up—not the little girl he remembers from their growing-up days. And his beautiful neighbor has the power to make Paxton see red when she looks at another man. A confirmed bachelor, now the youngest Barlow brother is confronted with a decision he never thought he’d have to make.


  1. Congratulations on your new release as a box set.

  2. Agnes, what a wonderful set this is! I loved every one of these stories! Congratulations!

  3. Trying to purchase but not allowing me to.

    1. Judy, I just went to my Amazon Smile account and purchased it and it went through. I would try it again here in a little bit--I had no trouble at all with it.

    2. Let me know how it comes out--you can e-mail me at prairierosepublications @ yahoo dot com

    3. I had no problem picking it up on Unlimited. Judy, try signing out of Amazon and sign back in. It looks like it's some glitch on your Amazon.