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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Book review: Her Sanctuary by Tracy Garrett

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Abandoned in River’s Bend, Missouri, by the members of an uncharitable wagon train headed west, Maggie Flanaghan finds herself in trouble with nowhere to turn. But in the citizens of the small town, she discovers friends and acceptance upon the death of her dear father—and catches the attention of the town’s most eligible bachelor. When her past threatens to destroy her happiness, she must choose to flee or fight for the sanctuary of a good man’s love.

Kristoph Oltmann hadn’t planned on still being alone with no wife and partner to share his life. He thought Maggie Flanaghan was the answer to his prayers, but her secret past makes her unsuitable as a preacher’s wife. Can he believe Maggie has been heaven-sent in spite of her predicament? Can he be HER SANCTUARY, even as she is exactly what he longs for—a haven for his heart?

My review:

We all know that saying about what assumptions do. I even recently read a book that was about assumptions and the problems they cause. Did I listen to the lessons learned? Nope - which is why I took too long to go back River's Bend and read the last story (which btw... I'd love to see more stories from River's Bend, Ms. Tracy Garrett!! Ya know, if you're taking requests, lol). I wasn't sure how a preacher would be portrayed as the hero in the story, and that made me pause and assume things. And left me pleasantly satisfied by the end.

I also don't know what the deal is lately, but it seems like I can't get away from death and heavy grief lately (whether in stories or real life). And while I read the blurb before starting this book, for some reason, it didn't click for me what was going to happen till I was already invested in the story, so off I went on another journey through grief and loss with Maggie.

I loved how Maggie had the inner strength that pushed through every hurt and trial set before her. I love how she struggled a bit, but knew deep down her worth. I could identify so well with her and felt her hurt and struggles and desires.

I loved how Kris wasn't the typical preacher character you see in western stories. He had a strength and a presence about him that complimented the strength he drew from God. He also was wise enough to quickly see his mistakes (aka his own assumptions) and rectify them. Loved how he was able to see Maggie for who she really was and pursued her, breaking down both her and his own defenses to give each other the home that they desperately needed.

This story touched on some sensitive topics - loss of loved one, prejudice, forgiveness, compassion. All were handled with care.

I also enjoyed catching up with the other couples of River's Bend - made me want to go back and revisit them again.

If you're looking for a story that'll make you feel and think, but yet deliver a precious and heartwarming love story, this is one to pick up, along with all the other River's Bend stories (as I believe this is technically the last one in the series).

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