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Thursday, June 27, 2019

New Release -- Beneath a Fugitive Moon (Prairie Moon Trilogy Book 2) by Elizabeth Clements

Beautiful Jolene Reynolds is on a quest. Is there a man in this world who will love her, kiss her, and treasure her like her father does her mother? It seems that every bachelor in the territory is interested in her—and though the clock is ticking, she has to wonder…is it truly a pursuit of the heart, or is it because of what she’ll inherit? When handsome Mike Sutton rides back into her life her search is over—at least, in her own heart. Mike intrigues her with his laughing eyes and quick wit…but surely, if he felt the same interest, wouldn’t he try to steal one kiss? So…why hasn’t he?

Deputy U.S. Marshal Mike Sutton has been besotted with Jolene for two solid years—and now, he’s got her all to himself. But his honor won’t let him make the most of the perfect situation. He’s promised his best friend, Chase, that he’ll safeguard Jolene until her father’s return from his art show back East—and he’s not about to let Chase down. Though he’s faced deadly outlaws without flinching, he’s on shaky ground emotionally when he holds Jolene in his arms. Young, beautiful, and educated—she’s too good for him. One kiss could be his undoing.

Trouble that has been simmering comes to a dangerous boil, forcing Mike and Jolene to become fugitives—and depend only on one another. Can they finally be honest with their feelings and find love BENEATH A FUGITIVE MOON…

Saddle up! Author Elizabeth Clements is blessed with a true Western voice, which lassoes the reader and takes them on an emotional ride. —Deborah Macgillivray, author of the Dragons of Challon series


Cypress Hills
District of Assiniboine, Canada, 1899

     Two shots shattered the heated stillness of the June evening.
     Deputy U.S. Marshal Mike Sutton reined in his stallion and looked around him. Nothing moved in the sweltering heat, not even a blade of green prairie grass.
     More shots punctured the air, muffled by the hills. Mike nudged Blue into a gallop up the sloping coulee. When he reached the top, the gold-streaked sunset sky silhouetted two riders charging after a buggy pulled by a pair of black horses running at full gallop. Something pink billowed out from the sides of the buggy.
     Mike’s heart lurched. A woman held the reins.
     “Stop shooting!” he yelled. “You’re spooking the—what the hell?” She’s urging the horses faster, not hauling on the reins. Outlaws!



  1. Ooh, a very exciting excerpt! Congratulations, Elizabeth.

    1. Thank you, Christine. I like to start my stories with action to hopefully hook the reader early and pull her/him into the story. Thanks for your wonderful support.

  2. Elizabeth, I am just loving this trilogy of yours--Mike Sutton just stole my heart...but wait, Chase did, too, in Beneath a Horse-Thief Moon! I can't wait to see what happens with Josh's story! LOL Congratulations on your new release! Loved it!

  3. Cheryl, your kind words are engraved on my heart. I'm so glad you love my characters as much as I do. There's something magical about falling in love and I never tire reading or writing about it. I'm an incurable romantic. Thank you and Livia for your wonderful support in making my dream a reality.

  4. Congratulations, Elizabeth, on this new release. I wish you every success. It's always so exciting to have a new book out. Walk on cloud 9 my friend and enjoy this time.

  5. Thank you, Sarah. You've always been so supportive. Too bad we live so far apart, but at least we can "chat" this way. Yes, I'm definitely "floating". There's a saying about good things coming in threes....well, my novella is being released in Hot Western Nights anthology next week. I've always wanted to be in a romance anthology. I'm so glad I took that leap of faith and submitted my book to Cheryl. She's such great editor. Thanks for stopping by, Sarah. I always love seeing a post from you.