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Thursday, May 23, 2019

New Release — Everlasting Spring: Women of Destiny by Kit Prate

Beautiful Chicago socialite Mary Kathleen McQuade’s life is planned and charted as she has always expected it to be—until two men rip away the facade in a fight for her love—or her wealth. 

Devlin Culhane is a rebel who leads the wretched band of McQuade’s Tannery workers in founding a labor union to fight for their most basic rights. The union comes before all else—even his love for Mary Kathleen.

Edward Dennison has devised a Machiavellian scheme to wrest away the McQuade wealth while crushing the striking workers beneath his heel—and stealing everything from Mary Kathleen in his madness.

With two desperate men pitted against one another, there are bound to be casualties—including her own heart. Can Mary Kathleen stop this blood bath before it goes too far? Seizing her destiny with fierce determination, she sets out to restore the financial empire that is hers alone. But can Devlin Culhane give Mary Kathleen her heart’s desire—an EVERLASTING SPRING—before Dennison sees him dead? 

Originally published as A Woman of Chicago.


     Victoria straightened under Danforth’s steady scrutiny, willing herself to ignore the pain that racked the battered flesh on her shoulders and across her abdomen. “I won’t leave, Karl.” She held her head erect, her chin tilted defiantly, almost as if she were daring him to strike out at her again. “This is my home and I have no intention of leaving it—or leaving my son.”
     Danforth laughed coarsely, as if someone had told him a particularly ribald joke. Breaking off, he turned, his face ashen. “You are no longer fit to live in this house, Victoria.”
The bitter denouncement stung. Until now she had managed to keep her private and public lives separate. She had been no less discreet than her spouse. “What I’ve done is no worse than the things you have done, Karl. Nowhere will you find one set of Commandments for women and another set for men.”
     Her blasphemy offended him. He raised his hand to strike her, catching himself when he saw something deep in her eyes that stopped him. He realized she really did not care that there might be a scandal.
     “You’ll go to Europe, Victoria.” He smiled then, something ominous in the grimace. “You’ll go,” he repeated, “or I’ll swear in court that Charles is your bastard child and that you’ve deceived me—and the boy—from the very beginning…”



  1. Kit, I couldn't put this one down. You did such a great job with everything in this story--loved the characters, and your villain was soooo evil! Delicious! LOL This is one of my favorite stories of yours! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl; and double that for the efforts you and Livia made to make this happen! This one was great fun to write.

  2. Great excerpt and premise. Just bought it.

    1. Thank you! Coming from you, that means a great deal. :)