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Friday, March 30, 2018

Book Review: Angel and the Cowboy & Kat and the US Marshal by Celia Yeary

Hi, y'all!  Celia Yeary has had some new releases that tie together that you want to be sure not to miss!

First up is Angel and the Cowboy.


He needs a wife…

Because the sheriff summons him, U.S. Marshal Max Garrison rides to town. He resents learning he must supervise a young man just out of prison who will work at his ranch for a time. But when he meets the beautiful young woman who owns the teashop, he knows his trip is not wasted. Max decides she's the one for him.

She faces another lonely Christmas…
Daniella Sommers lives alone above the book and teashop her English parents left her. When U.S. Marshal Max Garrison walks in and asks for tea, she almost laughs. Soon, her merriment turns to hope. Then Daniella learns a shocking truth about herself. If she reveals her past, will Max still love her?

Christmas is near, the time for miracles and surprises. Will the message of the season bring Max and Daniella the best gift of all?

My Review:

Oh! This is a sweet story and a great happily ever after for Max and his Angel.

Max knew he was ready to settle down, wanted a wife, but wasn't expecting to find her when he did. But once he saw her, he was smitten and did his best to win her fast!

Dani has some secrets and unanswered questions about her past. When Max shows up and informs her she was going to marry him, she set about finding those answers whole Max could still change his mind. But Max being the true man and gentleman he was, didn't let her fears and worries stand in their way of forever.

This is a sweet story to get lost in for an hour or two of lazy day easy reading, when you just need a little sweet and happy.

Sounds great, yeah?  Then how about we continue with Kat and the US Marshal.


~ A Dime Novel from Western Trail Blazer bestselling author Celia Yeary ~
U.S. Marshal Diego Montoya rides into Old San Antonio on an assignment to track down and arrest a swindler and killer. That's his job. But his first goal is to visit beautiful Katherine Garrison, the woman he loves, to learn if she will welcome him.

Kat Garrison answers the door, thinking her gentleman friend has arrived early. When she sees Diego Montoya instead, she can't believe he's standing on her front step. All she can think of is their encounter in the barn that cold December night, while her brother and new bride occupied the house.

While carrying out his mission, Diego becomes involved with Kat. But can a beautiful society lady really love a homeless rough lawman enough to take a chance on a life together?

My Review:

Such a delightfully fun story!!

Diego and Kat have sparks that fly off the page from the beginning. The attraction simmers and grows as Diego works to convince both her and himself that they are it for each other. Toss in some danger with his job and a criminal to apprehend, this short story delivers!!

I simply adored Diego and how he cared for Kat and pursued her. He definitely made my tummy flutter!

Kat was a treasure to those around her and even had a few surprises up her sleeve! She's a girl I'd love to have in my circle of friends.

Get your copies here:


  1. Great reviews, Michelle! I really loved the both of these stories so much--Celia is one of my fave authors!

  2. I've got both stories, but not enough time...sigh. But that's the nice thing about reviews, it helps to put stories in the order you want to read, not necessarily the order you purchased. Doris

  3. Michelle,

    Celia will be tickled pink with these reviews. :-)