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Thursday, July 20, 2017

New Release -- Trinity Hill: A Texas Mail Order Bride Trilogy by Celia Yeary -- Giveaway!

 KATHLEEN (Trinity Hill Brides: Book I)
A desperate man...
A woman on the run...
A surprising perfect match...

Kathleen Parker arrives in Trinity Hill, Texas, as a mail-order bride—but the name on the contract is not hers. She has good reason to be on the run, and taking another woman's place and name seems like the perfect plan to start a new life.

Josiah Fremont is desperate for a wife—a woman who will cook, care for his three children, and generally be a helpmate on his newly purchased ranch.

Kathleen and Josiah discover a mutual attraction, but decide to hold off on marriage. Under the name on the contract – Gwendolyn – Kathleen agrees to join Josiah and his family for a few weeks while planning her next move. But staying with him and the children might bring danger into all their lives—and that, she can’t do.

When a man with revenge in his heart and a gun on his hip brings arrives in Trinity Hill, Josiah learns Kathleen's real identity. Can he make the right choice for his children, himself, and the woman who’s found a place in his heart?

LORELEI (Trinity Hill Brides: Book II)
Mail-order bride Lorelei Hastings arrives by train in Trinity Hill, Texas. Instead of being greeted by the darkly handsome, prosperous man she is expecting, a tall, muscular man wearing dusty work clothes claims her.

Daniel Carpenter, the livery owner, explains the banker had ordered two brides to choose between for himself—and he's already made his choice.

Lorelei is the leftover bride—and well, she’s got to marry somebody!

She is furious, but has no recourse except to drive home with the big blond man who speaks very little.

It isn’t long before Daniel’s son, Davy, steals her heart, and then Daniel makes his own claim…but will it come too late? There’s only so much a girl can take before she moves on!

ANNALISA  (Trinity Hill Brides: Book III)
When Annalisa Morriset arrives in Trinity Hill, Texas, she learns the man she’d traveled there to wed does not choose to marry anyone! Bewildered, she answers a summons from Miss Lavinia Westmoreland, who, thinking she knew best, had arranged the marriage. Independent Annalisa gently rebuffs all suggestions from this kind lady and sets out on her own to find a job.

When Annalisa happens upon a strange group—a big man with long hair and an unshaven face, two bedraggled children, and amazingly, an infant cuddled inside the man’s heavy coat—she realizes her decision has been made. In the short span of two days, Annalisa is convinced this mysterious man, David Allen, desperately needs her help with these homeless waifs.

But Annalisa grew up in an orphans’ home, and caring for these children brings back haunting memories she’s tried hard to forget. David has his own demons to battle, believing he has committed a grievous crime.

The two near-strangers face danger, heartache, confusion—and finally, an attraction neither of them understands. But despite everything, they can’t give up on this patchwork family of theirs—it’s all they have, and sometimes, miracles happen in the most unlikely circumstances!


Boxed Set

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  1. What a wonderful trilogy. I would love to read them.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  2. Ah Celia, what wonderful stories to bring to readers. Can't wait to read them, but will have to a many stories to read. (I'm in heaven *smile*) Doris

  3. More wonderful stories to read! I can't wait to be able to just read them 'at leisure' and enjoy. So glad to have more Celia Yeary stories here at PRP!

  4. Congrats, Celia. Look forward to reading them!

  5. Celia, I know you're so happy to have your Trinity Hills Brides back out for eager readers to enjoy. I loved these stories. I just wanted to drop by and congratulate you.

  6. Winner! Congratulations, Deborah Macgillivray! You have won a copy of the boxed set: Trinity Hill--A Texas Mail Order Brides Trilogy. Contact me, please...Thanks for commenting.

  7. Celia,

    It's wonderful to have this series back in circulation. Congratulations.

  8. Well, here I am late again, but had to stop and say I loved these stories the first time they came out and wish you just as much success with this return event. Congrats. Golly, I just might have to revisit them.