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Monday, April 10, 2017

Rose Dunn aka “Rose of the Cimarron”

On Friday, while taking my *ahem* break at work, I spotted a news story, followed a trail, dashed down a rabbit hole and found…

Rose Dunn aka “Rose of the Cimarron”

Born September 5, 1878, Rose Ella Dunn was the youngest daughter and one of ten children of William H. Dunn and Sarah C. (Brenner) Dunn. She was four days shy of her 15th birthday and living with her mother, stepfather, Dr. W.R. Call, and younger brother in Ingalls, Oklahoma Territory, when the shootout between U.S. deputy marshals and members of the Doolin gang occurred in front of the OK-Hotel. Rumor has it she was sweet on one of the gang members, George “Bitter Creek” Newcomb.

She was dubbed "Rose of the Cimarron" not because she was a sweetheart of an outlaw, but because she could ride a horse better than most men and loved riding her horse across the sandbars of the Cimarron River, that ran near her brother’s place.

“Rose of Cimarron” was first introduced to readers in 1915 in a little red paper-covered book titled Oklahoma Outlaws. In the book and subsequent movie portrayal of the Ingalls battle between 13 lawmen and six members of Bill Doolin’s gang, Rose of Cimarron makes a dramatic exit from the OK-Hotel, carrying a rifle through a hail of bullets to her wounded lover, Newcomb.

Now, historians doubt she was anywhere near the gunfight, but an 1873 Winchester with the engraved “Rose of Cimarron” plate in the stock was authenticated by U.S. Marshal E.D. Nix as the rifle Rose Dunn took to Newcomb. It was picked up on an Ingalls street after the gun battle.

Also in doubt was whether Rose was involved with Newcomb at all. In fact, it is believed that Rose told her brothers that George Newcomb would be at her home in Norman, OK on May 12, 1895. When Newcomb and fellow gang member, Charley Pierce, arrived, Rose’s brothers shot and killed them both, and collected the $5,000 bounty…which they, of course, shared with their sister.

For more information, check out the article on Rose in True West Magazine:

Tracy Garrett

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  1. Tracy, don't you just love those 'rabbit holes'? I have had so many great journeys as I followed the 'clues'.

    I am also very excited about the new release from Prairie Rose. Wishing you all the best. Doris

    1. Thanks, Doris! It's a rerelease of my very first published novel, TOUCH OF TEXAS.

      And I LOVE this cover!!!

  2. Well now, it truly IS difficult to know if she was in love with Newcome or if she just wanted to get in on that bounty. Still, I have to admire a woman who could ride a horse the way she did and had a special edition rifle named after them.
    Great post, Tracy.

  3. Tracy,

    Rose must have had a colorful personality to have spawned such legends. I love these little-known gems of history.

    I'm looking forward to you upcoming release. :-)