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Monday, May 9, 2016

#New Release -- HER SANCTUARY


It never ceases to be exciting to see those words and know I wrote that story!  HER SANCTUARY--that's the new release--is the next in my River's Bend series. I challenged my heroine and hero, Maggie & Kris, to work their way through a lot of difficulties before they found that Happy Ever After at the end.

Abandoned in River’s Bend, Missouri, by the members of an uncharitable wagon train headed west, Maggie Flanaghan finds herself in trouble with nowhere to turn. But in the citizens of the small town, she discovers friends and acceptance upon the death of her dear father—and catches the attention of the town’s most eligible bachelor. When her past threatens to destroy her happiness, she must choose to flee or fight for the sanctuary of a good man’s love.
Kristoph Oltmann hadn’t planned on still being alone with no wife and partner to share his life.  He thought Maggie Flanaghan was the answer to his prayers, but her secret past makes her unsuitable as a preacher’s wife. Can he believe Maggie has been heaven-sent in spite of her predicament? Can he be HER SANCTUARY, even as she is exactly what he longs for—a haven for his heart?

I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I did writing it. To whet your appetite, here's a short excerpt:

“Witch! Witch! Witch!”

Maggie stumbled, righting herself before Jones could grab her arm. “I’m not a witch!” An icy wind whistled between the buildings on either side of the narrow street. Leaves, left behind by the winds of winter, skittered and rolled across her dusty shoes.

The street narrowed and climbed slightly, civilization fading behind the flickering flames of lanterns and torches. Her hip threatened to buckle beneath her. Frantic, she tried to get her bearings. She’d explored River’s Bend the first afternoon they’d made camp north of the little town, but that was two weeks ago and, in the darkness, she was confused. The moon was nearly full, but it was hidden in clouds. If this hill turned out to be the natural rise overlooking the river, she would not survive the night, for she couldn’t swim.

The mob’s chanting continued, growing louder and more frenzied. “Why are you doing this?” she cried. All she wanted was to make her father well so they could continue their journey to her aunt in Denver. Knowing the plants, their uses both good and evil, came naturally to her. She’d not been trained, but had somehow always understood their purposes. But the superstitious settlers thought her knowledge was demon-spawned. “Please,” she begged. I’m no witch. I only want my father to—”

She screamed when a rough hand grasped her cloak. Spinning away, she yanked free. “Don’t touch me!” They kept coming, forcing her backward in the darkness, another step, another, still another, as the crowd gained ground. When she slammed into someone, tall, broad, and obviously strong, and he didn’t sway at the impact, her terror stole even her voice. She was trapped.

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  1. Loved this story, Tracy. It's been way too long since we had a Tracy Garrett story--and I love River's Bend. You've created "a whole new world" and I am enjoying getting to know everyone there.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. I appreciate that.