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Sunday, April 3, 2016


Post copyright Doris McCraw/Angela Raines-author

What we look like when we don't follow through on resolutions?
For those few people who have read any of my posts, I'm following up on my promise of the April 1 New Year Resolutions. Here in Colorado March came in like a lamb, but went out, not like a lion, but a raging beast. Now the sun is shinning, weather is warming up and it's light much later. I've had time to think about what I want to accomplish over the next twelve months.

I usually start with my word for the year. This year it's 'clearing', letting go of all that no longer serves me. It is healthy, but can also be painful if you've put a lot of time and energy into something, but now it isn't who you need to be. Yes, it is fairly easy to let go of clothing, food, and even books. Can you let go of friends? Sometimes you have to, especially if you are doing all the giving and getting nothing in return. But be honest, do you want people in your life that fail to follow through on promises? Do you want those 'energy vampires' taking away from what brings you joy? For me, I prefer to share with those who actually appreciate who I am, what I have to offer and who enjoy my company, be it in person or online. So having explained my reasoning here are my resolutions for the next twelve months.

  1. Re-evaluate how I spend my time online. Do I want to continue writing for blogs that are no longer being read and commented on? Should I continue commenting when I get no return for the time and effort?
  2. Weed out the stories I have started, prioritize the ones to finish and place the others in a folder to be worked on later.
  3. Continue to research and start writing more on the women doctors in Colorado prior to 1900.I have a paper, currently being written, that I will submit to the Pikes Peak Library Districts History Symposium and will present on the June 11 program, that will be streamed live world wide.
  4. Make the commitment to submit at least 3 pieces of fiction for publication this year.
  5. I will continue to write my haiku five days a week along with my photography.

So there you have it. My New Years resolutions that I promised on April 1.

Angela Raines is the pen name for Doris McCraw. Doris also writes haiku posted five days a week at - and has now passed one thousand haiku and photos posted on this blog. Check out her other work or like her Amazon author page:

One Christmas Knight




  1. Great list!! I have been checking myself on similar items....can't believe it's already April --- wow! If we don't make good use of time, it does get away from us :-)

  2. Youa are so right Gail, time does fly. The reason I waited for the resolutions, I just wanted to think them through instead of having the knee-jerk reaction from all the hype. They needed to feel right.
    Thanks for stopping and commenting. Doris

  3. And what a list it is...very impressive. I know it's easy to make a list, and so I hope you keep us posted on your progress!! Haha.
    I am truly impressed by your paper and your coming presentation.."that will be streamed live worldwide!!!" I am doubly impressed. That is a wonderful opportunity for any writer would love...and I congratulate you.
    I loved your Home for His Heart, and I hope others will read not only the book, but my Five Star review--I write reviews under Rising Star Reviews.
    Well done, Doris/Angela.

    1. Thank you Celia. The Library district puts on a history symposium every year. This will be my third time out with them. I did a presentation on Karol Smith, the first state film commissioner of the first state film commission. I also did a presentation and paper on the Cripple Creek Volcano. They really do a fabulous job and the subjects are fascinating. I could go on and on.
      I will keep you posted on my progress. I can't thank you enough for your kind words for my first published work, and the beautiful review. I still visit cloud nine when I read what you wrote. Doris

  4. Doris,
    It's always important to reevaluate where we are each year, both personally and professionally. Hope you make choices that feel right to you and congrats on the paper. Sounds like an honor. :-)

    1. Kristy, it is and honor. Choices are what make us who we are. We need to follow our hearts when making them. Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. Doris

  5. Doris, I too am so impressed about your paper for the history symposium and you hope you feel very proud of the work you are doing. Fantastic. Love your stories and look forward to reading Angel From Salvation Valley, very nice cover too. I too have a list of my resolutions and hope I do as well as your sound like you're doing. I think your waiting to think resolutions through is a great idea and it sure makes sense. I thank you for this post as you've given me inspiration to uphold those resolutions I've made. So now I must go work on my deaconess and gunslinger for they have waited way too long hanging in there for an end to their story.

  6. Thank you Bev. To share the stories of these women is something that is important to me. I pretty much jump at the chances I get to share them.
    I hope you enjoy Angel. Livia did a great job with the cover, but the photos were mine. I'm pretty proud of that.
    Wishing you the best on your resolutions also. Your story sounds so intriguing. I look forward to reading it. Doris

  7. Doris, I swear we must be soul sisters. I've been seriously cutting back on my blogging for the past year for exactly the reason you gave, and also because every time I've asked the Pickle Barrelers about blogging, I get a big goose egg. They don't read blogs. I bet not more than five of them do, and they're beta readers. I enjoy reading what my friends have to say, and I also think blogs are great for establishing name recognition when you're first starting out, but as a regular thing? You're better off writing another chapter, IMHO.

    And same with the vampire friends. It's never 50/50 at any given time with any friend (people do get busy, or overwhelmed, or whatever), but over the course of a a few years, it certainly should be. If not, then maybe our energy is best invested elsewhere.

    And kudos to your for your three fiction pieces. You're very talented, and I'll be waiting for them. :)

    All my best to you and your April 1 resolutions!

    1. Jacquie, thank you. I can't think of a better soul sister. You inspire me to better things.

      One of the reasons I decided to make April my resolution month, it's too cold and depressing earlier. When the world starts waking up, then it's a better time to really get going.

      I thank you for your support in my upcoming changes. Change can be scary, but the rewards and joy in the journey are so exciting. I will say I teared up at your words. This is support that will stay with me forever. THANK YOU! Doris

  8. Sounds like you'll be organized and remembered. A good plan. Hat's off to you for making it happen in April. For me--that's when my resolutions go down the drain because of grass mowing and weed pulling. The wind has been so strong here in Indiana--people's trees are falling. Crazy. Best wishes for all your endeavors.

    1. I'm sure going to try. While the season is one of more work and changes, I tend to do better when I'm busier. For some reason I get more done. Perhaps it's because things are coming back to life, and I feel like I am also. Hence the resolutions in April.
      It has been a challenging end of Winter and beginning of Spring. Here's to things getting calmer.

      Take care, enjoy the season and best to you. I so appreciate the encouragement. Doris

  9. Doris,

    Blogging and commenting on blogs are certainly time-involved endeavors, and I'm not consistent with doing either. I agree with Jacquie, "... but [blogging] as a regular thing? You're better off writing another chapter..." and I wholeheartedly embrace your #1 resolution regarding how to best spend your time online.

    1. Thank you Kaye for your wise feedback. It does seem to be a balancing act, writing your stories and making sure people know you exist.
      Here's to a successful next twelve months for all of us. Doris