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Thursday, March 17, 2016

New from Prairie Rose Publications: The Comanchero’s Bride by Kaye Spencer

      My new release, The Comanchero’s Bride, is a western tale of love, jealousy, and revenge. The story was originally published nine years ago as a 40k novella, but even then as I finished writing the story, I knew there was a larger story to be told.  So, over the ensuing years, I wrote and rewrote the story, and expanded it to its current full-length novel edition that releases today with Prairie Rose Publications.

The story-behind-this-story has two components:
  • It is a retelling of the Marty Robbins song, Meet Me Tonight in Laredo.
  • The underlying themes of strength and sacrifice are based on the Germanic rune, Uruz.

So what are runes, and what are the lyrics to the song? Well, I happen to have a quick-read article about runes and Marty Robbins and their relationship to The Comanchero’s Bride. It's just a click away:

 What is the story about?

Beautiful heiress Elizabeth Bradford White is exiled to Texas with family friends until she “comes to her senses” and agrees to marry the prominent politico her parents have chosen for her. Grayson Beal is certainly not the man of her dreams—she finds him so revolting she welcomes her exile and makes a new life for herself in south Texas.

When she is approached at a fiesta by dark-eyed, handsome Mingo Valderas, she knows her heart will never be her own again. But Mingo has a checkered past—a reputation as a Comanchero, and a man who is as fast with his knives as he is with his gun. An ex-outlaw with many secrets, Elizabeth gives her trust to him, and their whirlwind courtship begins.

But Grayson Beal will stop at nothing to claim Elizabeth and her inheritance, along with the political influence her parents have. In a deadly cross-country race for her freedom, only one man stands between her and the monster who follows her. Fueled by their love and dreams of a future together, Elizabeth and Mingo stay one step ahead of Beal…but will that be enough?


In one long, powerful stride, Grayson towered over Elizabeth, shaking a thick finger in her face. “I have to be accepted into Denver political circles in order to gain some critical support in Ohio, and I expect you to do your part with entertaining the right people during our stay. You know these activities are vital for my political future. I won’t have it any other way.”

She batted his hand down. “Your political career is only important to you and my parents.” She clenched her fists at her sides, aggravated that she’d allowed herself to be drawn into conversation instead of walking away. It was fully dark and well past time to meet Mingo. “I have a prior commitment.”

Waving her off, Grayson said, “What you have is a duty to your family and to me as my wife, you missed—”

“I am not, nor will I ever be, your wife.”

He pushed right over her interruption. “You missed a gubernatorial inaugural dinner party in Columbus last winter and several other important events since then. I’m tired of making excuses for your absence. I won’t do it any longer.” He leaned forward. “So, congratulations. You’ve made your point. Now, it’s time to come with me and get on with the business of being my wife.”

Fuming, Elizabeth held her ground. “I’m not going to marry you, and I’m certainly not your political or social plaything. Don’t forget that it was you who convinced my father to banish me here. You sent me away from everything I knew—from all the things I thought I needed to be happy. Then I found out that not only do I not need them, I no longer want them. Listen to what I’m saying, Grayson. You’ve made the trip here for nothing. I’m staying in Laredo.”

“This is ludicrous!” His booming voice bounced off the walls. “Our wedding date is set and invitations have been sent.”

He loomed over her like large tree branches bending toward the ground in the raging onslaught of a violent wind. He was a formidable man when he wasn’t angry, and she’d often seen him use his physical size to intimidate people. Although she’d never once backed down from him, she now fought the urge to turn from his wrath.

Elizabeth drew herself up with every ounce of her courage. “Then un-announce it. I’m not marrying you. Not now. Not ever. I won’t—”

Grayson grabbed her, slammed his mouth on hers, crushing her lips as he lifted her almost off her feet. Struggling against the iron grip of his bear-like hands, she wrenched an arm free and slapped him with her gloved hand hard enough to knock his spectacles askew. Yanking out of his grasp, she reeled backward. Adjusting his glasses with deliberate care, he appeared outwardly under control, but Elizabeth knew he was seething, and would find some way to punish her for striking him.

“Had I bedded you a year ago, we would not be having this conversation. We’d be married, and there would be a child on the way.”

Until now, she’d never been frightened of him, only annoyed with his loutish manners toward her and everyone else he considered beneath him, but the lusty gleam in his eyes was new. A repulsive, crawling quiver skimmed along her skin.

She sensed movement behind her an instant before she heard the slight jangle of Mingo’s spurs. Whirling, she saw him in the middle of the room, feet spread, coat opened wide, and his eyes glowing with a dark, lethal fire. Grayson took advantage of her distraction and grabbed her arm. Jerking her back, he held her trapped against his body, and the more she struggled, the tighter he held her.

Hombre, remove your hands from Isabel, or I will kill you where you stand.”

Recognition registered on Grayson’s face that Mingo didn’t wear his gun belt for show. Beal released her. Mingo motioned for her to move behind him. Grayson took his time looking Mingo over as he rubbed the deep red hand print on his cheek and smoothed his hair down.

“What is this Isabel nonsense? And who the hell are you?”

“Domingo Valderas.” His voice was level and sure. “If any man marries Isabel, it will be me.”

Grayson stared then burst into condescending laughter. “You? Good lord, man, you’re nothing but a Mexican—”

“Be careful with your words, pendejo.”

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 Until next time,

Kaye Spencer


  1. I love the excerpt Kay. The book has it all, action, adventure, a bit of lust and of course love. I love the title and the cover. Congratulations on its release.

  2. Thank you Barb. It's been a long and winding road to publication for this novella-to-full-length-book.

  3. Oh Kaye, the excerpt makes this a must read! SO glad you had the chance to make the story what you felt it should be. Hooray for us, your readers. Best to you with this story. Doris/Angela

  4. Doris,

    Thank you for the supportive comment. You're a dear. :-)

  5. This sounds wonderful. I love when the holier-than-thous get their comeuppance! Can't wait to read it.

  6. Diana,

    There are a couple of satisfying'comeuppances' by the end of this story. :-) Thanks for commenting.

  7. Wow...just wow! Definitely Grayson is a jerk, a Class A idiot, and I would have run away, too. I'm certain this will be a big seller. And the cover? Livia outdid herself--it is fantastic. Much luck with this novel.

  8. Celia,

    Yes, Livia's cover is gorgeous. The Grayson character is definitely a nasty fellow. I appreciate your well-wishes. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Congratulations Kaye!! I've picked up a copy and look forward to reading it. Happy release day and Happy St. Patrick's.

  10. Kay, the cover is wonderful, as all of Livia's covers are. And the excerpt grabbed me from the beginning. Congratulations and I hope you sell a million. I'm right now headed to Amazon to buy one of that million.

  11. Agnes,

    Thank you for the well-wishes. :-)

  12. It does sound exciting! Congrats on your latest release. I would love to read it, and wish you the best of success.

    Robyn Echols w/a Zina Abbott

    1. Robyn,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate your well-wishes for this story.

  13. Kaye, can I just say once again how I detested Grayson Beal with a passion equal to a thousand burning suns? LOL OOHHHHHH. You made me hate him! AND you made me love me some Domingo Valderas! What a great story. I enjoyed this so much -- so glad you sent it our way and it's out there in the format you wanted it to be from the beginning!

    1. Cheryl,

      Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity of having this story published with PRP. I'm also grateful for your suggestion to add an extra layer of urgency into the heroine's pending forced marriage situation. :-) It's just what the story needed to up-the-ante on Grayson's villian-ness. lolol

  14. Kaye, congratulations! This will be a definite addition to my TBR pile. The excerpt is wonderful, I already hate Grayson! Who'd want to marry a looming man with bear like hands! And I can't wait to find out a lot more about Domingo! He sounds like a real dreamboat! Just in case, my email is I'm keeping everything crossed!

    1. Ah, thanks, Jill. :-) The Grayson character is an amalgamation of the worst personality traits of three former male co-workers with whom I didn't have the pleasure of working. *grin*

  15. Congrats on your new release, Kaye. And wow... this seems to have everything I like: action, suspense, a bad boy with a heart of gold and a villain I think I will love to hate. Yep, adding it to my Wish List.

  16. Liette,

    So nice to have you stop by. Yes, there is action, suspense, a bad boy who wants to "do good" (and has), and the villain is powerful and immensely detestable. *grin* The heroine is at first prim and proper (silver spoon in her mouth up-bringing), but she learns how to hold-her-own with whatever life throws her way. :-)

  17. And my winner of a digital copy of The Comanchero's Bride is... Miss English Rose, Jill!!!

  18. Don't think you can scare me away from commenting by announcing a winner before I've dragged my lazy butt into the room. ;-)

    I have been looking forward to reading this book for MONTHS. From the excerpt, I can see my eagerness was not misplaced. Congratulations on the publication of the novel you wanted to write all along, Kaye. I know you'll have much success with it. :-)

  19. There's nothing wrong with being fashionable late to the party. :-) In fact, since I retired from teaching, I've become the Empress of Fashionably Late. Thanks for stopping in.

  20. Very nice excerpt! Gotta go on my TBR shelf!

  21. Dana,

    I don't know about you, but my TBR shelf is overflowing with books just begging to be read. *sigh* So many books, not enough time in the day... :-)