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Friday, February 12, 2016


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and boy, do we have some sweet treats in store for all of our wonderful readers here at Prairie Rose Publications!
Just two years ago, Prairie Rose Publications published its first Valentine’s Day collection of short stories, HEARTS AND SPURS!

How do you capture a cowboy's heart? HEARTS AND SPURS is a collection of nine stories by some of western romance’s best—just in time for Valentine's Day! Following up their Christmas collection WISHING FOR A COWBOY, these ladies have done it again with new stories of handsome cowboys and the women who captivate them in HEARTS AND SPURS.

HEARTS AND SPURS features nine sensual Valentine's Day love stories of the old west that will leave no doubt--Cupid is a cowboy, and he's playing for keeps!

THE WIDOW’S HEART by Linda Broday—Desperate and alone, Skye O’Rourke finds courage and a love she thought she’d lost when a man from her past emerges from the shimmering desert heat.

GUARDING HER HEART by Livia J. Washburn—Outlaws threaten a Valentine's Day wedding!

FOUND HEARTS by Cheryl Pierson—An enemy from the past threatens Alex Cameron’s future on the day he’s set to wed mail-order bride Evie Fremont. Can they survive their wedding day?

OPEN HEARTS by Tanya Hanson—A woman living as a man to practice the law she loves must guard her identity—and her heart—from a handsome sheriff, who discovers her secret and must decide whether to turn her in or fall in love.

HOLLOW HEART by Sarah J. McNeal—Lost love and the hope for possibilities…

A FLARE OF THE HEART by Jacquie Rogers—Celia Yancey heads west to marry a preacher her father picked for her. Bounty hunter Ross Flaherty has traded his guns for a pitchfork and is content to be a farmer, but Celia brings his nemesis right to his door. Can Celia and Ross shed the past and forge a new beginning?

COMING HOME by Tracy Garrett—Sometimes it takes two to make dreams come true. When a man who believes he’ll never have a home and family finds a woman who has lost everything…It takes a lot of forgiveness and a few fireworks to realize that together, their dreams can come true.

TUMBLEWEEDS AND VALENTINES by Phyliss Miranda—The wildness of a tumbleweed and the sweetness of chocolate bring Amanda Love the love of a lifetime.

THE SECOND-BEST RANGER IN TEXAS by Kathleen Rice Adams—A washed-up Texas Ranger. A failed nun with a violent past. A love that will redeem them both. (WESTERN FICTIONEER PEACEMAKER AWARD WINNER!)

What a wonderful anthology this is and it’s now on sale for only .99 for the digital edition. It’s also available in print!

Last year, PRP brought out another Valentine’s Day anthology, COWBOY KISSES. What could be better on a cold Valentine’s Day than to sit down with a book chock full of stories about special cowboys and their ladies?

In Lorrie Farrelly’s tale of love and fate, a tattered old diary sends a young woman into the arms of a long-ago Texas Ranger for A Kiss in Time.

Linda Carroll-Bradd’s When My Heart Knew is the story of young Maisie Treadwell, who has never been in love before, and handsome Dylan MacInnes, who might or might not be the one.

A Westward Adventure by Kristy McCaffrey is a story of aspiring novelist Amelia Mercer, who travels to Colorado, determined to find her own adventure to write about. When Bounty hunter Ned Waymire comes to her aid, the true adventure begins!

Valentine Angel by Gail L. Jenner is a poignant story of a determined young woman who rescues a wounded lawman and then must help him fight off his nemesis.

In Gil McDonald’s story, Hearts and Red Ribbons, a feisty young woman who dresses in men’s clothes and a drifter looking for—something—are thrown together by Fate on a wet February day.

Hunter’s Gamble, by C. Marie Bowen, is a gripping tale of lost love and determination. Life is a gamble, and Hunter knows he can't always win. With true love in the mix, the odds are stacked in Hunter’s favor!

Her Thief of Hearts by Tanya Hanson is the tale of an outlaw, an orphan, and a socialite—is this a recipe for disaster or true love?

Beverly Wells will steal your heart in her story, Hopes and Dreams. A woman on the run, a sheriff sworn to uphold the law, and one little girl’s pleas to Mr. Cupid for a new daddy!

Settle in for some mighty fine Valentine’s Day reading from your favorite western romance authors. COWBOY KISSES has just what you’re looking for—eight stories by some fabulous authors who share with you their love stories of the old west!

And that brings us to our third anthology of Valentine tales, the 2016 collection in which all the stories are based on a letter sent—or received.

Prairie Rose Publications is proud to bring you another wonderful collection of stories of Valentine’s Day romance that is bound to satisfy your need for something “sweet”! Each of these western romance tales revolves around a letter of some kind—with some unexpected results.

It’s nearing Valentine’s Day, and that all-important letter or card could mean romance for a special couple…from a new love to those who’ve wanted to speak up for a while, but have only just gathered the courage. A fateful letter could be the catalyst to match-making, or one that brings news that could change everything. No matter if it’s a newly-discovered love or one that’s been simmering, the contents of these missives could turn someone’s world upside down—just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Linda Carroll-Bradd, Agnes Alexander, Kaye Spencer, Gail L. Jenner, B.J. Betts, Patti Sherry-Crews, Zina Abbott, and Niki Mitchell all contribute their own brand of Valentine’s Day romance to LARIATS, LETTERS, AND LACE, providing some great reading that you’re sure to enjoy.

Join us for some wonderful Valentine’s Day tales that are sure to keep you reading to the very end!

Most of the stories in HEARTS AND SPURS and COWBOY KISSES are also available as single sell short stories, as well, for only .99 each.

We hope you will stock up on some wonderful Valentine’s Day reads, past and present! Leave a comment for a chance to win a digital copy of LARIATS, LETTERS, AND LACE--and don't forget your contact info, in case YOU ARE THE WINNER!

If you just can’t wait to see if you won, or if you want to buy these collections for yourself or gifts for a special friend, we’ve included the buy links below. ENJOY!

Buy Links LARIATS, LETTERS, AND LACE    Barnes and Noble    Smashwords    Kobo    iBooks

Buy Links COWBOY KISSES   B & N Nook        Smashwords

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  1. I just bought the HEARTS AND SPURS! I love reading themes and lots of stories so I'm excited to start this one. I got these other two now on my wishlist to get. With these anthologies I get to read favorite authors and discover more authors to read. Thanks for all you do. Cathie

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  3. All of PRP's anthologies are treasures. I look forward to reading LLL...once I get past drooling over the cover cowboy. (

  4. Livia and I have just enjoyed coming up with these anthology ideas so much for the last three Valentines' Days. And there is a lot of great reading here for a great price!

  5. Ladies, you are very prolific. Love your stories and certainly wouldn't mind winning this one. :) :) :) Cowboy Kisses and Hearts and Spurs are already on my bookshelves.



    Congratulations, Liette! And thanks to everyone for stopping by and taking a look at these wonderful Valentine collections!