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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Meet Me In Deadwood! #bookevent @JacquieRogers

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Meet Me In Deadwood!
by Jacquie Rogers

Deadwood Saloon #10.  It happened August 2, 1876.  Wild Bill Hickok held Aces and Eights when Jack McCall shot him in the back of the head.

Leap forward to June 13, 2015.  I'll be signing books at that very same saloon, while Ann Charles flits around like the social butterfly she is.  That's fine with me as long as she keeps the margaritas coming.

I'll be signing my Hearts of Owyhee series, including my new release, Much Ado About Mustangs.  If you like trick riding with a Cossack flair, Shakespeare, and various assorted animals mixed in with action and romance, you might give it a try.  Here's the back cover copy:

Secret lives, hidden dreams, and forbidden sex in the Old West—what’s a woman of nobility to do when a handsome rancher tears through her world like an Owyhee dust devil?

A British Aristocrat
Or is she? Lady Pearl Montford has performed in theatres all over the West for crowds of all sizes, but what would the world say if her secret was found out—that she's really plain old Pearl Jane Evans from Kentucky. To make matters worse, Pearl's past life as a professional trick rider is floating to the surface thanks to an unsavory suitor from her past who wants either her—or $10,000.

A Frustrated Rancher
Rugged Josh McKinnon has a ranch to build and blooded horses due in any day, but there's one problem standing between him and his dream—Lady Montford, a high-falutin' diva actress. Wrangled into playing opposite the snooty Brit in Shakespeare's ‘Much Ado about Nothing,’ Josh has to put his ranch on hold and put up with her nonsense for two weeks. Only thing is—how can he focus on his ranch when all he can think about is the way Pearl sits a horse?

Much Ado About ... Love?
With a slew of critters causing stirs left and right, meddling family members and townsfolk playing cupid, and horse rustlers causing a ruckus, Pearl and Josh have a heck of a time keeping their minds on the play and their hands off each other. When the dust settles and the curtain falls, will Pearl and Josh be able to overcome the odds working against them and find love in the wild Idaho countryside?
 ♥ ♥ ♥
I hope that if you're near Deadwood next week, you stop by and kick up your heels a bit.  We plan on having a heckuva good time!  

If that's too far, you might try Homedale, Idaho.  I'll be at Moxie Java June 25 in the afternoon.  That's a rowdy crowd, too!


  1. Jacquie, this certainly looks like another winner! And I sure do love your covers. You have a way of capturing a reader's curiosity from the very first glance! I can't wait to get a chance to read for pleasure again! Your books are at the top of my list, lady!

    1. Cheryl, I sure hope readers like it. This is the book I wrote in between all those PRP stories. The sad thing is, I couldn't write stories for PRP this year and I just love those anthologies. But come Christmas... ☺I hope you save a spot for me. There are so many fantastic authors at PRP now, it's an honor to be included.

  2. Jacquie, I won't be in Deadwood, but I'll be there in spirit. Have a great signing and don't have too many margaritas. I will admit, Deadwood is on my list of places to visit. Doris

    1. Doris, I'll definitely hoist a margarita in your honor! I'm packing now--we're really excited about this trip. Mr R hasn't had a vacation (except to visit relatives) for 15 years, and has never had two weeks off since he was 11 years old. So this is going to be a super fun time! Uh, except I'm going to make him help plot my next three books. LOL. Poor guy.

  3. Trail Boss, you know I love your books. My poor computer screen, Kindle, and phone are about to go on strike if I don't quit spitting iced tea and coffee all over them. People in the doctor's office are convinced I've lost my mind, but I'm sure they attribute that to things other than your stories.

    Have fun in Deadwood! I've never been there, but it's on my bucket list. It's about time you gave long-suffering Mr. R a break. The man must be a saint. ;-)

    1. You haven't lost your mind? Because I think I found it somewhere between Sequim and Puyallup. Pathetic thing, gasping for breath--seems its human is working it to distraction. Oh wait...maybe that was mine.

      I think all writers' mates must be saints. LOL. My saint grumbles occasionally but he always comes through. And he's bald so his halo has a hard time staying up top. Head grease, you know. But overall, he does pretty well, considering the person he has to contend with. I'm not sure he quite knew what he signed up for those many years ago. But he's stuck now!

  4. Jacquie this looks like its going to be a big-to-do! Congratulations ! And good luck at the book signing! I've been to Rapid City, Keystone and Hill City but never Deadwood. I'll have to make it there some day. Until then you can pass me one of those margaritas you're passing around please and Happy Sales to you.