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Friday, February 27, 2015


What? Another submissions call out? Didn't that just happen a few days ago? Well, yes it did! We put a call out for submissions for our PRP 4th of July anthology A COWBOY CELEBRATION just a few days ago. But this news is just so big we can't wait any longer to tell you about it!

Our FIRE STAR PRESS imprint is putting together a new series for 2016 based on music, and it's called (appropriately enough!) DUETS. Each of these books will contain two stories, both with the same basic requirements--but, oh...what will you do with those requirements? That's where the fun begins!


Remember When…The Song Remembers When…Memories…Try to Remember…Unforgettable…

All these song titles about memories gave us an idea at FIRE STAR PRESS. Some song titles evoke memories not only of the song, but also of the times…the era…the place…
They call for a story all their own, and at FIRE STAR PRESS, they’ve inspired a new line of novella-length stories we’re calling “Duets”—with two stories per book.

"Someone To Watch Over Me"--1940's—PARANORMAL
When you think of this song, Someone To Watch Over Me, you probably think of the comfort of having a safe haven in the arms of your true love. But what if the “someone” who was watching over you was not what he appeared to be? What if he was a ghost from the past, or a figment of the future? What if he was an alien from another world, or a shapeshifter? This duet novella lends itself to all kinds of intrigue. Stories should be set in the time period that this song was popular, the 1940’s. We’re not looking for graphic horror or sex—just an “aha” moment and the inevitable decision…what will your heroine decide to do once she realizes exactly WHO watches over her?

"If I Loved You"--1950's—MISUNDERSTOOD LOVE
If I Loved You is a two-story duet that will be set in the 1950’s, dealing with misunderstood love. This could be anything from a series of events that are misunderstood by one or the other partner to one big misunderstanding that could cloud the issue of a relationship forever. A man sees his intended bride kiss another man on the cheek and gaze into his eyes—he calls off the wedding, only to find out later that the man is her brother. A woman learns her boyfriend’s tumultuous break up with her the week before happens because he’s found out some devastating news—he’s suffering from an illness that will take all his energy to battle, and he doesn’t want to burden her. What kind of misunderstood love story will you come up with? The possibilities are endless!

This Magic Moment will contain two stories that will be set in the 1960’s, one of the most turbulent times in American history. It was a time when change happened daily in our society. These stories will be about something that is revealed in a relationship that changes everything. Maybe a civil rights worker must decide between his passion for his job and his passion for his woman. A Woodstock musician realizes that the love he feels for his girlfriend is stronger than the music he makes with his band when he sees her leaving the festival. A preacher’s daughter becomes pregnant and her boyfriend, whom her parents despise, shows them what love truly is when he learns he’s going to be a dad. These are just a few examples of the kind of thing we’re looking for in This Magic Moment. What “magic moment” will your story be about?

"Wonderful Tonight"--1970's—Can True Love Happen In Just One Night?
In the Eric Clapton song “Wonderful Tonight” the story of what happens to a couple in one single night is told. That’s what we’re looking for in this novella duet, set in the 1970’s, with a twist. In the song, the couple has been together a while; but in these two stories, we are looking for tales about couples who may be barely acquainted, or maybe have JUST met—and an incident that throws them into a situation where they somehow find love. And no, we’re not talking about just lust, but also a mutual caring that blossoms into the fragile beginnings of love between them. These stories should be no hotter than spicy, given these parameters. We’re anxious to see what kind of wonderful night—or maybe not so wonderful—brings your characters to the brink of true love!

"I'm On Fire"--1980's—Unlikely Love Blossoms (think Pretty Woman or Prince Edward/Wallis Simpson)
Bruce Springsteen’s hot hit, I’m On Fire, is the inspiration for this duet of 1980’s-setting stories about love between two people that would be a highly unlikely match. Remember Pretty Woman? Trading Places? Or the real life romance of Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson? If you have a story about an interracial couple, a librarian and a party guy, a rock star and a schoolteacher, a wealthy heiress and her chauffeur—any “unlikely pair” for that decade, we’d love to see it—and make it sizzle. This anthology will be spicy/hot. No erotica. What would make your hero say, “I’m on fire…”

“Wicked Game”—1990’s—Circumstances Aren’t Always What They Seem
Chris Isaak’s haunting hit, “Wicked Game” makes us wonder at the things people will do for desire. These two stories will be about something that makes the characters do something they would not ever have done ordinarily…but are driven to do for the love or desire of another person. The “wicked games” people play trap two people in a web of deceit. Maybe a faulty news report—reported by one about the other—or perhaps friends, family, or life itself conspire against the couple to keep them apart by playing one against the other. Could be the hero sets out to destroy the heroine for some reason, only to realize the object of his hatred is not the monster he thought she was. It’s up to you to determine the reasoning and rules for love’s “Wicked Game”…

If you have a novella-length story idea for one of these “duet” books, please e-mail me and let me know which one you’d like to work on—this will help in the planning stages and “pairing up” of stories/authors. We can’t promise everyone will get what they ask for, or that every story will be selected, but as always, we will try our best. If you know of someone who might be interested in this submission call-out, PLEASE FORWARD. This line will debut in 2016.



  1. I'll email you, Cheryl. I may have a story or two.

    1. Great, Sarah! I'm off to the grocery store before the snow hits us -- talk to you this afternoon!

  2. Cheryl, I'm thinking on this. Right now I'm working on the Cowboy 4th of July submission story. but I've got to tell you The Boss (Bruce Springsteen) is calling to me. LOL.

  3. LOL Lord, doesn't he always? Love that man!

  4. You might have me with this one. ;-)

  5. Oh, I love the idea and of course I love the songs. Now I have them in my brain, especially "If I Loved You". I remember singing that song. Oh the stories, dang the time. Doris (PS I'll have to think about this one)

    1. I know! Just see what our fertile minds have cooked up for you all? LOL Just let me know, Doris.

  6. These sound like a lot of fun! Great idea Cheryl!