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Friday, September 26, 2014


Hi everyone! Well, Halloween is right around the corner and Prairie Rose Publications as well as some of our other imprints have some great stories to share with you! Some are new and some have been out a while, but you might have missed them. So be sure to scroll through this post and look at all our offerings that are already here or that will be coming SOON. The first thing that we're really excited about here at PRP is our double anthology set of wild west Halloween stories with a romantic flair! These are now available for pre-order at Amazon (Kindle) and will be released in print as well as digital venues on OCTOBER 2!


Halloween is here along with some romantic western-y ghost tales to share around a campfire! Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico, Vol. 1 is guaranteed to make you wonder what in the world–or in the “other” world—is going on. But are you sure you really want to know?

The Sheriff of Hel’n Gone by Lorrie Farrelly is a supernatural tale of a western lawman who must live one hellish Halloween night over and over, until a young woman from the future finds her way back to save him.

In Tanya Hanson’s The Bridesmaid, a bridegroom is doomed to marry a woman he becomes terrified of…but finds her bridesmaid is the love he’s been dreaming of. But will his sleeping or waking hours become his true nightmare?

Sarah J. McNeal’s The Beast of Hazard is a story about a predator that stalks the small community where veterinarian Joey Wilding practices. But is the vicious animal-killer on the loose of this world, or another?

Author Shayna Matthews makes a riveting debut with her tale of The Legend of Venture Canyon, about an exotic young woman who dances in the circus…where the show must go on—at all costs—and love survives everything.

Cher’ley Grogg’s story, Wild Injuns, Wicked Trains, and Cerulean Blue is an unforgettable tale of a young woman who comes west to get a sensational newspaper article and pictures, but in doing so, finds out that she will never leave.

Veteran author Linda Carroll-Bradd’s story, Wanderer, Come Home, is a poignant tale of the discovery of true love and trust amidst some strange Samhain happenings on a small farm.


What better way to spend Halloween than with some handsome cowboys and feisty heroines who are determined to fall in love despite their supernatural powers—or lack thereof? Halloween’s a good time to take a chance on love—and to see what these Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico Vol. 2 stories might reveal to the unsuspecting reader—YOU!

Cheryl Pierson’s Spellbound will have you on the edge of your seat as safecracker Brett Diamond and witch Angie Colton take on a border gang leader who is pure evil. Can Angie’s supernatural powers save them? No matter what, Brett and Angie are hopelessly Spellbound.

C. Marie Bowen’s Hunter and Lily Graham is an unforgettable tale of a beautiful school marm’s love for her children that surpasses all. When a Cajun bounty hunter known only as “Hunter” shows up, Lily Graham knows he, and no one else, can help her save a young girl.

Have Wand — Will Travel is Jacquie Rogers’s offering about a handsome young mage, Tremaine Ramsey, who has a wand and knows how to use it…sometimes. Will his magic be strong enough to pull off a daring rescue of his father from the evil Gharth? Or will he need the warrior Nora’s love to help him see his Fate through?

Will Kaye Spencer’s character, Mercy Pontiere, be able to break a centuries-old curse and find true love all at the same time? It all depends on Reid Corvane and what he’ll do For Love of a Brystile Witch.

In Kristy McCaffrey’s story, The Crow and the Coyote, Hannah Dobbin is after an evil Navajo sorcerer who murdered her father, and she’s determined to see him dead. But she’ll need a bounty hunter, The Crow—to help find this vile man. With Hallowtide upon them, more evil is afoot than they can handle; but love will find a way.

A failed bank robber, Tombstone Hawkins, along with a fake gypsy fortune teller, Pansy Gilchrist, set out to make both their deceased fathers proud in one final spectacular heist. Family Tradition is Kathleen Rice Adams’s tale of the discovery of true love amid the commission of a crime—or the failure to commit a crime—while being overseen by the ghosts of the couple’s fathers. How can there be a happy ending? It’s Halloween, and anything can happen!



Kirsten Lynn has a brand new novella out in time for this spooky season about a ghost who will not rest--and the man who falls in love with her. THE BALLAD OF ANNIE SULLIVAN is another story about the Renner family, and does not disappoint! Take a look!


Hank Renner enjoys summers and early autumns when he can escape his large family and spend time alone at the cow camp in the Bighorn Mountains. That is, until he starts seeing a beautiful woman with flaming red hair and brown eyes, who disappears as quick as the Wyoming sunshine. Questioning his sanity, Hank begins a search that just might lead him to his heart.

Annie Sullivan wants only one thing more than revenge for a rape and murder that occurred ten years ago…Hank Renner.  Haunting the mountain, she’s kept watch over the handsome cowboy. But this year she did something she’s never done before, something that could change everything. She’s let the man see her—and exposed her soul.

Two lonely souls search for the truth that could solve a murder and a love that could resurrect their hearts.

B.J. Betts has a wonderfully haunting tale coming out on Sept. 30, called BELLE'S CROSSING. B.J.'s story is in the Tornado Alley Publications imprint--for new adult readership as well as us "regular" adults! (BIG SMILE) Here's the blurb:

In 1909 on All Hallows' Eve, three beautiful young sisters perished in a tragic accident…or was it? For years, citizens of Council Bluffs, Iowa would report strange sightings around Big Lake Park. Were the sightings due to over active imaginations…or something else? Over one hundred years later, Laynee Rodgers's car accident in the same location takes its toll on her memory, but she knows she isn't crazy. With the help of a psychic, she may remember exactly what happened to her, and unlock a century-old mystery in the process—if she only has the courage!

Take a look at my single sell short story, ALWAYS AND FOREVER--the story of two middle-age people who've given up on love and find it at the most unlikely place--and elementary school carnival!

At a children's Halloween carnival, a Gypsy fortuneteller predicts a new love for both Cindy and Gage. When the two meet over a poorly carved pumpkin, love flickers to life and the stars begin to align.

But the odds of finding a new love later in life seem insurmountable and the prophecy seems too good to be true. After all, Gage has been burned before and Cindy doesn't believe in fortunes or second chances.

Will doubt overshadow their attraction, or has love already been set in motion? Can the star-crossed pair put their faith in the love that was foretold? Can they believe in each other?


Got a younger reader in the house? THE PHANTOM RANGER AND THE SKATEBOARD GANG is a wonderfully spooky tale for middle grade readers (9-12) from PAINTED PONY BOOKS by Livia and James Reasoner!

BLURB: Codi Jackson and her father have been forced to move again. Codi’s getting used to being the “new girl” in her fifth grade class—but that doesn’t mean she has to like it. Can’t life just be normal? With her mother out of the picture and her father working odd shifts as a police officer, friends are important—as long as they’re not the wrong kind. When Codi and a classmate, Keith Wright, are assigned to work on a history project, Codi has to make some hard decisions about her popularity in her new school. But everything changes when Codi picks up an old Texas Rangers badge that belonged to one of her ancestors and he appears right before her eyes! Her great-great-great-grandfather says he’s come to help her, but how? And how is she going to explain the ghost of her long-ago Gramps to her history project partner and her father?

A generous demon is surprised when the human he tries to help on Halloween shows him The Darker Side of Goodness.

Join me in celebrating the release of my latest short story, a Halloween offering with all kinds of “twist” to it! Even better news? (What could be better than announcing a new release, you ask?) There may be a short film made of this story in the future!

Blurb:When Jack Daniels goes into the local bar for a drink on Halloween, he meets Christian Lightfoot, a demon who shows him the truth about his wife Ashley’s infidelity. Jack learns he’s about to become the recipient of a large inheritance, and his wife has plans for it—plans that don’t include him. Will he live in spite of her evil plot to murder him, or will he choose another path…and walk upon The Darker Side of Goodness?


We hope these stories offer hours of entertainment and reading pleasure for you or someone you know!


  1. Looks like an awesome collection of tricks and treats!! Can't wait to dig in!

    1. Lots of goodies, here, Kirsten! I've read them all and loved every one of them.

  2. I didn't know a short film might be in the works for THE DARKER SIDE OF GOODNESS! Why didn't you tell us? (Before now, I mean, you fink.)

    All of these look spooky and fun all at once. How will I ever get them all read? GAH!

    Thanks for updating us all on the Halloween lineup, Okie! No wonder you and Livia have been so busy.

    1. I wasn't sure what was going to happen about the film. It looks like it's going to move forward, and will be filmed in England sometime starting in late fall (when there's lots of good mists to be had!)

      Kathleen, there are a ton of great stories here. Loved each and every one of them, and I'm not just saying that.

      I feel like Livia and I have been in a basement sweat shop somewhere with a dim bulb hanging over our heads...LIvia: "Got the blurb for me yet?" ME: "Nah...still workin' on's that cover comin' along?" Livia: "Waitin' on the blurb..."

  3. Oh, oh! Demons and Halloween. How very intriguing and I can't wait to read it. And a short film? You go girl. And what could be better? Who knows what's over the next horizen. You are on a roll that's for sure. Wishing you the best.

    1. Thanks, Bev! I'm really excited about the film. It's gonna be good! And since I've started writing Halloween/paranormal stories, I am starting to love Halloween more and more...LOL

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