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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Since this is the week of the our big cowboy shebang as well as CHRISTMAS IN JULY I thought I’d mix the two up some today and talk about Sarah McNeal’s Wilding series.

Sarah’s stories bring us into the 20th century with her Wilding family saga. And what a wonderful family she has created!

The series starts with a time travel novel, HARMONICA JOE’S RELUCTANT BRIDE, when a 21st century heroine tries on some clothing from an old trunk in the attic and…well, let’s just say, the next thing she knows, she is the property and bride of “Harmonica” Joe Wilding. How is she going to get herself out of this fix? You’ll have to read to find out—because she faces quite a dilemma once she begins to fall for the handsome doctor…

Her follow-up book, FOR LOVE OF BANJO, takes the hero, Banjo Wilding, adopted brother of Joe Wilding, into the trenches of WWI. Chasing the dream of finally meeting his father and getting to know him, Banjo risks everything—even the love of the woman he’s sworn to love until the end of time. He travels to New York City, unsure of what his future holds. When the US becomes embroiled in WWI, Banjo enlists and heads overseas. Will Maggie wait for him? How can he ask Maggie to wait for him, when he may not escape with his life?

Sarah’s story in the first PRP Christmas anthology, WISHING FOR A COWBOY, follows the Wildings back in Wyoming. A HUSBAND FOR CHRISTMAS is the story of Jane Pierpont, the widowed mother of a young boy, Rob, who Banjo rescues from a factory fire in New York City. Jane and Rob travel back to Wyoming with Maggie from New York City where Jane will become a seamstress. What she can’t ever imagine is falling in love again—after losing her husband on the Titanic a few years earlier. But an unlikely suitor, Teekonka Red Sky, is determined to win her love in the face of all odds against them.

FLY AWAY HEART is a wonderful novella about Rob, Jane’s son, during the Prohibition days of the 1920’s and early 1930’s here in the USA. Rob dreams of flying an old airplane he’s bartered for and fixed up—but will his dream turn into dust when he’s forced to use his skills for rum runners to save the woman he loves?

HEARTS AND SPURS was PRP’s first Valentine’s Day anthology, and Sarah’s story, HOLLOW HEART, continues the Wilding saga on into the 1940’s with the advent of WWII. Will the annual Hazard Valentine’s Ball bring only sadness to Madeline Andrews? Or will her true love, Sam, return to her, if only in memories?

Most recently, Sarah penned a story for one of PRP’s summer anthologies, LASSOING A BRIDE. Her continuation of the Wilding family’s story with UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS was a real treat—with a very unexpected story line! Will Juliet Wilding turn down a chance for true love, or will she come around in time to embrace her heart’s desire? Wilding women can be a stubborn lot—sometimes, too stubborn!

Sarah has many more Wilding stories up her sleeve, and we are delighted and thrilled that she has chosen Prairie Rose Publications as her “Wilding” publishing home!

A HUSBAND FOR CHRISTMAS has just been released as a single-sell short story and it’s available NOW!
Sarah will be giving away an e-copy of HARMONICA JOE’S RELUCTANT BRIDE to one lucky commenter, and to another, A HUSBAND FOR CHRISTMAS! Be sure to leave your contact info in the comments section in case YOU are one of the lucky winners! And join us tomorrow for more CHRISTMAS IN JULY!

If you can’t wait until tomorrow, here’s the CHRISTMAS IN JULY link!


  1. I'm up for a time travel western romance. Are all of these in the Wilding series?

  2. Oh, now that I read all of the blurbs, I see they are not ALL in the series. My mistake! They all look good to me.

  3. Connie, actually, they are all in the series. The Lakota who falls in love with Rob's mother is related to Banjo Wilding in A Husband for Christmas. In Fly Away Heart, Rob, all grown up, falls in love with Lilith Wilding. Lola Wilding, who time travels back to 1910, shows up here and there in most of the stories and says something peculiar because of her knowledge of the present day world.
    Thank you so much for coming by and commenting, Connie, I really appreciate it. Don't forget to leave your email address in your comment for a chance to win a book.

  4. Sarah, I always look forward to seeing what's coming next with your Wildings of Wyoming! You've really created a wonderful family saga here with all your characters, and I know you've got a lot more planned for them. Wonderful stories!

    1. Hey Cheryl. Thanks for dropping by, especially since I know how busy you are. I'm also working on some of the other townspeople in Hazard, Wyoming. The widow, Penelope Thoroughgood, is will be showing up for the Christmas anthology. She was mentioned by Banjo in For Love of Banjo, as being part of his quite illustrious history. Naturally, he will make an appearance in this new WIP. I never knew how hard it could be to let go of characters. My Wildings are very dear to me.
      I'm so happy I have the opportunity to share their stories through Prairie Rose Publishing and its imprints.

  5. I love the idea of following a family through the joys and trials of life. This family is consistently surprising and so worth following their stories. Thank you Sarah for this gift and to PRP for letting the rest of the world know the Wildings story. Doris

    1. Doris, you little sweetie, you. I so appreciate your very kind and positive words about my work. I'm so glad you recently decided to throw in with us here at PRP. We're building quite a team of talented writers.
      Thank you so much for commenting.

  6. What wonderful stories! I love the Wildings!

  7. Lorries, thank you so much for your comment. It really makes me happy that you said you loved the Wildings. They've become family to me. I appreciate you coming today.

  8. I meant Lorrie , Lorries. Kindle auto-correct makes me crazy.

  9. Sarah,

    As you said to Lorrie, our characters do become family to us. I spend more time with my characters than I do my 'real' family. ;-)

  10. Funny you should say that, Kate; my family has called me when I've been out of touch too long and said, "Hey, remember us?" LOL
    Thank you so much for coming by.

  11. Sounds like some fun books. I like series and have some of our Wilding stories but don't think I have the first.

  12. Robyn, thank you so much for reading some of my Wilding books, and thank you for coming by and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  13. Here are the winners of my Christmas in July give away:
    Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride--Connie Bowen!!
    A Husband for Christmas--Lorrie Farrelly!!
    Congratulations y'all. Please email me privately so I can give you your prizes at starcriter at yahoo dot com