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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good Afternoon from B.J. Betts

Good Afternoon,

Please let me introduce myself to you. My name is Barbara Betts, I write under the author name B.J. Betts. I have recently been added to the Prairie Rose Publishing family and I am just thrilled to be here!

I was born and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I married my high school sweetheart Don Betts. We had four children, our daughter Jennifer was born with Group B strept and died when she was two days old.

My husband and I did therapeutic foster care for years and adopted the last four placements which increased our number of children to 7. Over the years with marriages and children being born we had more than a full house. Our daughter Ayla is the youngest of the group and will be graduating high school this summer and my husband and I will soon be empty nesters.

I've been and avid reader my whole life. Where other women would go shopping for a new dress or a pair of shoes, I headed to the book sections. I was extremely shy as a child and would often write stories or make up stories to tell my younger sisters.

I never dreamed I would become an author. My first book, Saigon Moon, will be re-released this coming August through Tornado Alley Publications. My grandson had enlisted in the Army with a promise from his recruiter he would never be sent to Iraq. He did two tours and we are so proud of him for serving. But memories of being a teenager during the Vietnam War whirled through my mind. I sat down and wrote Saigon Moon. My daughter read it, loved it, and said Mom you have to get this published. So began my journey and newly found passion for writing.

I have since written many books yet to be published. I am a member of Romance Writers of America and Romance Authors of the Heartland. I am curious what inspires the stories you write? for me Echoes in the Night was inspired by a photo of a man carrying a fellow soldier on his back away from a battlefield.
B.J. Betts


  1. Barb, welcome to Prairie Rose Publications/Tornado Alley Publications! Wow, you all have had a houseful of kids for many years--I don't know how I'd cope with an empty nest after so much going on all the time. LOL Of course, I felt the same way when my son left. Fortunately both of my kids live here in Oklahoma City so I get to see them fairly often.

    Saigon Moon and Echoes in the Night are both lovely stories, and we are so happy to have you here with us. I absolutely love the covers that Livia did for you for both of them. I hesitated to put the one up for Saigon Moon--wasn't sure you wanted it on here yet. LOL

    Great post and we're glad you're part of the group. If you have any questions or comments, you'll find this is a very supportive group and we all love to help!


    1. Thank you Cheryl and ladies for making me feel so very welcome. And yes Livia did a wonderful job on both covers. I can't wait to see what she does with Mile Marker 59.

  2. Barb, what an interesting life and thank you for being a foster parent. Those children need people like you.

    I also was a 'loner', shy in some ways and very assertive in others. Stories were my lifeblood. I look forward to reading the many books you have written or that are in your head.

    For me, history and the lives of those who lived it spark my creativity.
    Here is to a great career, for you have gotten off to a good start. Doris

    1. Thank you Doris. I had to chuckle, only writers realize there are others walking round with characters in their head.

  3. Welcome to the PRP family, Barn! I'm afraid you're stuck with that moniker now, after Sarah's typo. People have been saddled with worse nicknames for less reason. :-D

    I can't imagine raising seven children. BIG kudos to you and your husband for fostering and adopting. That's a tough road, and too few people are willing to take on the task, especially therapeutically.

    Can't wait to read ECHOES IN THE NIGHT. It sounds wonderful!

    1. Thank you Kathleen. I'm proud to wear the name of Barn. It suits me. LOL. I do hope you will enjoy reading Echoes in the Night

  4. Welcome to the corral, Barb. How terrific to get to know you better. You're right...this is an awesome place to be! My heart breaks, though, thinking of the Strep B and the terrible loss of your daughter. Our daughter contracted strep B meningitis at thirteen days of age, but the Lord was generous and let her live. So sorry to read that. But your house is full and that's such a special calling!

    1. Thank you Tanya for your warm welcome. I am so happy your daughter lived. My baby was born in 1977 and few doctors knew about the group B strept at that time and she was being treated for a heart problem. By the time the blood work and other tests came back it was too late the Group B had pretty much taken over. Thankfully they have made strides in treating the disease and identifying it since back in the late 70's. I look forward to meeting you and enjoying your work as an author.

  5. Welcome aboard, Barbara, I look forward to getting to know you and your work.
    Sounds like you have had a delightful house full of children. I lived in Omaha for a little over a year back in 1968-1969 and one of my best buddies lived in Council Bluffs. My nephew was born in Nebraska.
    Echoes In The Night has a beautiful cover. Maybe sometime you could post a log line, blurb or even an excerpt. I'd love to see what it's all about.
    I wish you every success.
    All god things to your corner of the universe...

  6. Thank you so much Sarah. Livia did a beautiful job on the cover for Echoes in the Night. I intend to post blurb and excerpt of Echoes as the time draws nearer for its release date.

  7. Welcome Barb! Wonderful to get to know you.

  8. Greeting, Barb!

    I'm a new Prairie Rose, also. My oldest son spent 10 years in the Air Force as a survival trainer. He didn't see "action", but one of the times he was out of the continental U.S. for trainings, he was in Afghanistan during the months right after 9-11--as a mom, that was just a little nerve-wracking. Like you with your grandson, we are proud of his service to the country. I was a teenager during the Viet Nam era, also, and I had a boyfriend who went over, so I had letters from him that told some of what he experienced there.

    I'm looking forward to reading your stories, and thanks for sharing "tidbits" about your life. :-)